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6 Winning Recipes for the Big Game

Sweet and Zesty Meatball with Peppers-134
Whether you’re watching Saturday night hockey with your family or gathering friends for Sunday afternoon football, a great sports get-together requires only two things – good people and great food. From classic nachos to touchdown treats, we’ve got six winning recipes that are sure to earn you an MVP award.

     Slow Cooker Spiced Party Nut Mix: A great make-ahead appetizer, this nut mix takes snacking to the next level and can be doubled easily for serving a larger crowd (or for the particularly hungry guests).

     Sweet and Zesty Meatballs with Peppers: Also perfect for potlucks or any occasion really, these flavour-packed meatballs are especially easy to make for game night – and hard to resist. Serve with toothpicks and let your guests help themselves, they’re sure to be a home run!

     Pizza Pinwheels: Bursting with fan-favourite pizza flavour, both adults and kids will love these flaky pinwheel pastries. Stuff ’em with your favourite meats, cheeses and veggies, then serve hot with a dip!

     Chili Mix Chicken Wings: Buffalo wings are so last season! Give your chicken wings a southern facelift by mixing Old El Paso Chili seasoning right into the breading.

     Classic Mexican Nachos: Sometimes you just can’t mess with a good thing and when you’re looking for a go-to game day dish, there’s nothing better than classic, cheesy nachos.

     Spiked Football Brownies: Perfect for football Sunday, these brownies are a total touchdown. The adults will appreciate the hint of bourbon but they can be made easily without any alcohol for rookies.