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A Food-Focused Family Day

Childrens FuntoFix Chili 16x9
Family Day is quickly approaching and a day off work is the perfect opportunity to gather your whole family and spend some quality time together with your kids – and what better way to do that than with delicious food?

With the weekday rush of getting to school, work or extra-curricular activities on time, getting kids into the kitchen and involved in cooking isn’t always easy or realistic. This Family Day, give the kids a chance to learn some skills and try out fun new foods and flavours!

A good place to start is to give children small, hands-on tasks and focus on recipes in which assembly is the main component. Our Children’s Fun-to-Fix Chili is exactly that – fun to make and to eat together.

While the adults man the stove, let the kids grate cheese, set up small bowls for toppings – from lettuce and sautéed veggies to sour cream and guacamole – and perhaps most importantly, be the chili taste-tester!

The fun part of this recipe is the fixing! Give your kids the freedom to assemble and customize their chip bags themselves and see how creative they get.

After your family has this recipe “in the bag,” follow up with our Warm Toasted Marshmallow S’more Bars or Rocky Road Cookie Pizza – two sweet kid-friendly desserts that are also fun to prepare on Family Day!