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A Spoonful of Fun at Lunch

A Spoonful of Fun at Lunch
As we prepare for back to school, a sometimes dreaded occasion is quickly beginning to loom over our heads. Lunchbox prep! Let’s be honest, lunch time is tricky. But, at Life Made Delicious, we don’t think it has to be complicated or fancy, and dare we say it, lunch can be FUN!

So as a new school year approaches, let’s take the stress out of lunch with some simple and easy packing tips. With the hustle and bustle of back to school, our first piece of advice is to keep it simple with yummy ingredients and some new fun finds, such as this Chicken Salad Taco Bowl.

Chicken Salad Taco Bowl

A fun way to revamp old favorites is to use Old El Paso Mini Tortilla Bowls as the carrier of your budding scholar’s favourites. Whether it be chicken salad bowls or a carrier for your favourite lunch meats and cheese these neat tortillas pack a lot of excitement in a small package.

Chicken Salad Taco Bowl

A great pairing with any lunch are snackable treats that are too yummy to share. Pair your lunches with pre-cut or mini veggies or even a Nature Valley Lunchbox Bar with fun Earth Ranger challenges on every bar for some recess adventures. (Our favourite challenge is to follow a trail of ants to see where they go!)

Chicken Salad Taco Bowl

At the end of the long school day, the best part will always be spending time with your family. Our philosophy is to make lunch fun and easy so you have more time together.