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Cereal – nutritious, easy and versatile

You’ve heard this part: cereal is a breakfast staple with nutrition punch – a nutrient rich food, delivering vitamins and minerals, often with whole grains and fibre, that is generally low in fat and most have 130 Calories or less per 30g serving.  To make it even better, a cereal breakfast usually includes a half-serving of milk.  And with its easy prep to pour cereal in a bowl, add some milk and enjoy, it’s probably one of the first meals children are allowed to make for themselves!  You know that it comes in so many flavours and textures that everyone in the family is sure to find a favourite …

But have you tried it as an after school or evening snack?  How about with warm milk on a cool morning? How about carrying cereal with you for lunch in a reusable container with a freezable section to keep the milk cold?  Want more options?  Ok: