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Crafts: Kids=busy. You=happy

Take a break from the scorching sun with an indoor craft day

You can’t spend every day at the beach or the park this summer. Keep the kids busy with these fun crafts.

  • Edible Cheerios* String 'n eat necklaces: Kids can craft their own with candy, Cheerios and string.
  • Beach bags: Find canvas totes and iron them so they lie flat. Get shaped stamps like seashells and fish, as well as bright paints. After painting, let the totes dry overnight and they'll be beach ready in the morning.
  • Cereal art: Pick up some fruity Cheerios and sheets of construction paper. The kids can draw an image first and then use glue to stick the bright O’s on the page.
  • Bird feeder. Cut a small hole into a clean, small milk carton and then staple the top opening closed. Have your kids paint the carton. Then, poke a hole in the middle of the top of the carton and string a piece of yarn through. Fill with birdseed.

After a day indoors, head out to the backyard for stargazing. Help your kids spot constellations with this map. Download now.