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5 Gluten-Free Recipes in 5 Easy Steps – or Less!

Gluten-Free Banana Coconut and Dried Cherry Breakfast Cookies-098
Whether you or someone in your family has celiac disease, or is avoiding gluten for other reasons, you know that finding delicious recipes that please everyone at the table can be a challenge. While there’s no shortage of gluten-free recipes out there, too many of them require a long list of ingredients or are time-consuming to make.

To help make your gluten-free lifestyle a little easier, we’ve pulled together five recipes that will satisfy even the gluten lovers at the table, and can be whipped together in five easy steps or less! 

1.   Banana, Coconut and Dried Cherry Breakfast Cookies: It can be difficult to find gluten-free alternatives for grab-and-go breakfasts, which are often wheat-laden cereals and breads. Packed with healthy flaxseed, fruit and nuts, these nutrient-dense cookies are the perfect answer for a busy morning. 

2.   Spinach-Mushroom Quiche: When the weekend calls for brunch, look no further than this quiche! The ready-to-bake, gluten-free pastry makes easy work of a dish that will only look like you spent all morning in the kitchen. Expecting company? Experiment with your favourite cheeses – and have a few options available for guests! 

3.   Quinoa and Vegetable Salad: If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to eat healthier, then this salad is for you. Naturally gluten-free and easy to prepare in advance, this fresh and flavourful mix of quinoa, chickpeas, chopped vegetables and feta cheese will keep your on track. 

4.   Favourite Chicken Nuggets: Crunchy, gluten-free cereal is the secret ingredient in the best chicken nuggets that your family has ever had. In fact, we guarantee even the pickiest of eaters will ask for seconds. 

5.   Banana Cupcakes with Brown Butter Frosting: Think a gluten-free lifestyle can’t include easy at-home baking? Think again – a trusted, gluten-free cake mix will have you enjoying baked treats anytime you like. These sweet cupcakes make good use of ripe bananas and the brown butter frosting takes them to a whole new level. 

For more gluten- and stress-free recipes that the whole family will enjoy, check out!