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How-to Freeze Food

There’s no point in freezing meals if freezer burn forces you to throw it all away. Below get tips to avoid that scenario.

  • Cool all foods before packaging. Never add hot foods to a freezer.
  • Individual items (appetizers, muf?ns) can be quickly frozen on a baking sheet before wrapping. Once frozen, they can be put into bags.
  • Use airtight, moisture- and vapour-proof containers (such as plastic, glass, and aluminum) and materials (such as heavy-duty plastic bags and heavy-duty foil) speci?cally designed for freezer temperatures.
  • Pack food containers tightly to almost full. Allow about ¼- to ½-inch (6 mm to 1 cm) headspace for expansion during freezing.
  • To shrink-wrap foods packaged in freezer bags, press out as much air as possible before sealing. Close the bag, leaving a small opening. Then insert a straw in opening and suck out any remaining air until bag shrinks around the food. Quickly slip out straw and seal the bag completely.
  • Covers should ?t tightly. If they do not, reinforce the seal with freezer tape.
  • When headspace is more than 1/4-inch (6 mm), place aluminum foil or plastic wrap directly on top of the food before covering to protect from “freezer burn” discoloration.
  • Freeze foods as soon as they are packed and sealed.
  • Remove wrapping before baking or heating. (Loosen the wrapping with a wet towel.)