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Would You Like Those Gift-wrapped?

Make your cookies look as great as they taste

Cookies make sweet gifts. For one thing, people will think you spent hours baking, even if you didn’t. And the fancier the package, the more impressed they’ll be by your efforts. Here’s how to get that effect—in minutes.

  1. Wrap cookies in cellophane to keep them fresh.
  2. Choose a decorative box. You should be able to find a variety of them at dollar, craft or department stores. If your cookies are already colourful, like these Easy Stained Glass Cookies or Snowman Cookie Friends, a simple tin works well.
  3. Next, select tissue paper. Pick an accent colour that will make the cookies pop. For inspiration, check out our Holiday Surprise Cookies.
  4. Wad up several pieces of tissue paper and stuff them into the tin or box. Then use a few more pieces to create a nest for the cookies. Nestle the cookies in, so they’re surrounded by the pretty paper, as with these Christmas Ornament Cookies.
  5. Add a bright bow, a decorative ornament or a twist of holiday tinsel garland as a finishing touch. These Birdhouse Cookies and Christmas Handprint Cookies make great gifts because they can even be hung from a tree.
  6. If you are using a cookie tray, wrap it in colourful cellophane decorated with foil star stickers. Add some glitter by including a handful of foil-wrapped candies.
  7. Another option: Package 6 or 8 small cookies in a plastic sandwich bag and tuck it into a coffee mug with a ribbon tied around the handle.
  8. Include a copy of the recipe with the treats. Download our recipe gift cards now.