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Running Late? Make mornings easier!

Running Late? A Guide to Back to School Week!

It’s going to happen - there’s going to be a day when your morning isn’t perfect and you’re going to be late. It’s inevitable during back to school season! This is our guide to the heroes that make mornings easier when you’re in a crunch:

1. Breakfast on the Go
Who says you have to eat cereal with a spoon? Wide straws and cups with lids are on-the-go breakfast saviours. Just fill up the cups with Cheerios or Lucky Charms, add milk, and drop in a straw. Not only is it clean and easy, it’s also a fun way for your kids to enjoy breakfast!

Be prepared for back to school season with quick and easy-to-eat snacks. It’s helpful to arm your shoulder bag with Nature Valley Lunchbox bars or Fruit By The Foot! There can be many tantrums avoided because one or the other is within reach.

3.Lunch Ready
It’s easier said than done, but packing lunches the night before can make your mornings easier. Dinner prep is a great time to get it all done.

4. After-School Treat
The kids can be a little wild when they’re home from school! There’s not always time to make a little treat, but your fridge can be turned into a yogurt haven. Having some Yop in the fridge is a good start, but another great trick is putting your Yoplait Tubes in the freezer. Frozen Tubes are an absolute hit. They’re a healthy alternative to having sugary popsicles and they’re almost mess-free! Almost - because kids always find a way…

What are your tips on how to get through a busy day?