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T’was the Night Before Back to School!

Twas the night before back to school

Summer is almost over and the kids are going back to school. Are you ready? Tough question, because it’s hard to be fully prepared for back to school madness. Here’s some advice for what you can do the weekend before the kids head back to school:

1. Breakfast Table is Set!
It doesn’t sound like much, but setting the table for breakfast on Sunday night makes Monday morning a lot easier. Put your bowls, spoons, cups, and Cheerios or Lucky Charms out on the table so that when the family gets up, breakfast is ready!

2. Nature Valley Lunch Box bars EVERYWHERE.
In their bags, in your bag, in the car, by the door, in the snack bowl, everywhere! It almost becomes a game of hide and seek! For the days when running late is inevitable, having a snack available for the restless little ones is key. It’s hard to get too wild in the car when you’re busy eating a Nature Valley bar!

3. After School Specials
Keep in mind what the kids will want to munch on when home from school. Be prepared with after-school specials! On Sunday afternoons, get the kids together to make treats as a family! Take a look at these recipes for Crunchy Frozen Bananas and Cheerios Marshmallow Bars. They’re delicious, easy to grab, and fun to eat! Plus, it keeps the kids from munching on everything else.

These are simple things you can do to help your family stay smiling during back to school season. Let us know your favourite tricks for this hectic time!