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Be A Scrooge Without The Humbug

Keep your spirits bright with these time and money saving tips

Why does "spreading cheer" have to be synonymous with "spreading yourself too thin?" Below, discover how to make your holiday shine without losing your mind.

  1. Remember your wedding planner? Well, here's your chance to create a holiday version. Set up different sections for entertaining, menus and recipes, receipts, and gift lists.
  2. To keep spending in check, draft a list of gift ideas and include a dollar value for each one.
  3. If you start early, you can write a few holiday cards each evening until they're done. Create an assembly line for adding addresses and postage.
  4. Choose cake mixes and frozen ready-made piecrusts and cookie dough, instead of baking from scratch. We won’t tell anyone.
  5. Instead of buying expensive gifts for your loved ones, consider delicious heartfelt gifts, like these holiday surprise cookies.

Your kids can put their own stamp on handmade gifts when they colour in these cute gift cards. Download now.