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Breathe Life Into Your Leftovers

There’s no point in having leftovers if they sit at the back of your fridge only to become a science experiment. Instead, turn yesterday’s dinner into a fresh meal idea for today. Here are three suggestions.

Meal 1: Pot roast
Meal 2: Chop leftover beef and heat with your favourite barbecue sauce or salsa. Serve on hamburger buns with chips and fresh fruit. Try something like Mexican Sloppy Joes.

Meal 1: Roast chicken
Meal 2: Chop leftover chicken and mix with canned beans and shredded cheese. Spoon onto tortillas and roll up. Wrap in foil and heat until hot. Serve with tossed salad and brownies. Or try Super Chicken & Veggie Tacos.

Meal 1: Broiled salmon
Meal 2: Flake leftover salmon and heat with cooked fettuccine, cooked vegetable mixture and refrigerated Alfredo sauce. Serve with bread or rolls. For instance, swap the turkey for salmon in this pasta dish.