Fast Food Gets A Healthy Makeover

Give your kids' fast food favourites a nutrition boost MORE+ LESS-

By now, you know your kids well enough to know they’ll probably balk at your beef tenderloin and ask for grilled cheese instead. Why fight it? Instead, stir up their fast-food favourites—and give them a healthy twist. Here are some ideas:

  • Serve tacos and fill them up with veggies and salsa. Try Chicken and Salsa Tacos.
  • Instead of ordering pizza, make your own. Whole wheat pizza dough, skim milk mozzarella, and fresh vegetables and herbs will boost the nutritional content. Try Chicken Club Pizza.
  • Use whole wheat pasta in macaroni and cheese. Mix in some vegetables and it’ll be that much healthier. Try Broccoli Mac n’ Cheese.
  • Sneak beans into burgers made with lean ground beef. They’re filled with fibre and your kids will never know. Try Grilled Barbecue Beef and Beans Burger.
  • For a nutritious and easy snack, fill Old El Paso soft tortilla shells with reduced-fat cream cheese, mixed seeds, and dried fruits. Roll them up and slice them into 1-inch wedges.
  • For dessert, skip the ice cream sundae. Instead, top frozen yogurt with fresh berries and a sprinkle of whole grain cereal to add some crunch.