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It's all in a Tube

It's all in a Tube - back to school

They’re simple, easy to eat, and packaged to take anywhere: Yoplait Tubes! With back to school season here and in full effect, here are our favourite ways to take a great lunchtime snack to the next level!

1. Get Dip-able
Start putting some of your Yoplait Tubes into the freezer! They’ll freeze for your kids to take to school cold. If you have a cooler bag, the tubes will stay solid for longer, giving them the option to get dip-able with their tubes! We like packing mini Tupperware containers, normally meant for salad dressing, with dip treats! It can be oats, dried fruit, little sprinkles, or chocolate chips.

2.Mini Cones!
To make a lunchtime snack feel like an extra special treat, make it look like an extra special treat! We pack two cones into our kids’ lunchbox they can squeeze their Yoplait Tubes “soft serve” into! If you want to take it a step further, you can crumble up some oat sprinkles or add some blueberries for a fruit topper.

3. Squeezable fun!
We’ve had a lot of fun by squeezing yogurt onto strawberry slices and turning them into little fruit n’ yogurt sandwiches, but the real fun happens when we give our kids permission to get a little messy. We made these little things with plastic bags we like to call squeeze bibs! We challenge our kids to see how high they can hold their tubes above their mouth and drop it in! Just pack them lots of napkins…

What are you favourite ways of making Yoplait Tubes a little extra fun for the kids? Let us know!