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Maximum Cookies, Minimum Baking

It’s the holidays. You want to bake cookies, but not if you have to employ baker’s hours to get it done. Instead, organize a casual cookie exchange party. Invite 5-10 friends to come over with a batch of their specialties already wrapped and ready to go. (Click here for gift-wrapping ideas.) Or, have everyone bring their own containers to take home the goods. Either way, everyone leaves with a variety of cookies. Here’s what else you can do to make sure your cookie exchange is a success:

  • Find out what cookies your guests want to bake, so you don’t wind up with 200 macaroons.
  • Get each guest to make at least two dozen (24) cookies.
  • Have everyone bring photocopies of their recipe.
  • Tell guests to bring their own containers to take home the goods.
  • Have waxed paper on hand for stacking and layering the cookies.
  • Nosh on simple finger foods. Try smoked salmon tarts and tortilla rollups.

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