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Packed Lunches That Pack A Punch

How to ensure your kid’s lunch winds up in their tummy, not the trash

Chances are your kid wants good-looking, great-smelling, incredibly tasty food. And you want their lunch to be healthy. Follow these tips and you’ll both be happy.

  • Think colour. Minimize the earth tones, and bring on a rainbow of colours. The more hues and the brighter their intensity, the better.
  • Think texture. Forget soft, squishy and nondescript. Try crispy, crunchy, juicy, creamy and hearty. Succulent pears, sweet and plump pea pods, round red grapes and mouthwatering apples answer that call, and so too do whole-grain breads, roasted nuts, velvety puddings and fruity yogurts.
  • Think differently. Look for ways to add surprise and delight to the usual lunch fare. Spice it up with sliced cucumbers and a bit of dip.
  • Instead of sandwiches, wrap pretzel sticks in cheese and honey-roasted turkey slices, or pack zesty corn & pasta salad. Keep the dressing on the side.
  • Give ordinary sandwiches an unordinary twist, as with Crescent Tuna Braid or Sloppy Joe Crescent Packets.