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Pirate P-ARRRR-ty


  • Create a map that will lead “mateys” to your home.


  • You need pirate flags, gold nuggets, a treasure chest, plus images of skulls and cross bones. If time permits, create a pirate ship out of large cardboard boxes, using paint.
  • Props like eye-patches, bandanas, and fake swords will create swashbuckling fun.
  • Set up a fake tattoo station and a table with face paint to draw on beards.

Food & drink

Fun & games

  • Hide different objects like chocolate coins, around your house. The first person to find all items wins.
  • Pin a flag on the map. Hang a map with a marked X on the wall. Create a flag for each pirate. Take turns blindfolding each player, spinning them gently three times, and pointing them towards the map where they will attempt to find the treasure with their flag.