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3 Recipes for a Healthy Spring

Creamy Cucumber Dip

Spring is here and with it comes its fresh produce! We’re celebrating the season of renewal with recipes that will make you feel renewed too.

Whether you’re looking to showcase spring fare in simple weeknight meals or in elegant dishes for upcoming holidays, make it easy (and healthy) this spring with these 3 seasonal recipes:

Tropical Chicken Salad: This salad will have you dreaming of the tropics! Juicy mango complements chicken and in-season veggies in a salad that will add a ray of sunshine and lively colour to your table.

Creamy Cucumbers:  A common spring theme is the abundance of fresh herbs, and dill is what makes this salad recipe so refreshing. Crisp cucumbers pair perfectly with a creamy coating and made slightly tangy by the secret ingredient, yogurt.

Veggie Wraps: When the sun is out and the weather is begging to be enjoyed, the last thing you want to do is slave inside your kitchen. Keep it simple this spring, wrap the season’s freshest produce with soft tortillas and cream cheese for a delicious lunch that you can whip up quickly and enjoy on the go to your next spring adventure.

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