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7 Go-To Gluten-Free Snacks

Cucumber Slices Provencal 16x9
The trick to gluten-free snacking is being prepared. Stock your shelves with better-for-you ingredients like fruits, vegetables, raw nuts and nut butters and whole (wheat-free) grains, then mix and match to make delicious, healthful snacks. Whether you’re on the go or settled at home, follow these helpful hints for gratifying sweet and savory gluten-free snacks to pack in your purse or keep in your kitchen.

No-Bake Honey-Peanut Butter Bars Recipe (Gluten Free)

Stir up a honey of an easy no-bake cereal snack bar with a double peanut taste.

Healthy Everything but the Kitchen Sink Smoothies (Gluten Free)

This green smoothie takes advantage of all the stuff you probably already have around to make a delicious, creamy pick-me-up.

Gluten Free Kale Chips With Parmesan

Crisp and delicious--once you start, you won't be able to stop nibbling on these healthy kale chips.

Gluten Free Salsa And Black Bean Dip

This southwest-inspired dip gets its smoky flavour from the bacon and is a snap to stir together.

Gluten Free Greek Salad Kabobs

Appetizers ready in just 15 minutes! Take your taste buds on a trip to Greece with these colourful kabobs and a creamy yogurt dip.


In a hurry? Don’t worry! LÄRABAR makes over 11 flavors of all-natural, gluten-free fruit-and-nut bars. They’re a delicious way to help curb cravings between meals.

Cucumber Slices Provençal (Gluten Free)

Four ingredients and three steps--all you need to make these refreshing appetizers!