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Raspberry Mojito

The traditional mojito with a raspberry twist.

I was out for dinner with friends a few weeks ago and the raspberry mojito caught my eye (and tasted delicious). I make a mean regular mojito, thanks to friends who went on a Caribbean vacation and taught me how. Adding some (fresh, local) raspberries just made them even better. 


1 1/2 oz Rum
2 tsp. Sugar
1/2 Lime (sliced)
8-10 Mint leaves
Fresh raspberries
2 oz Club Soda


1. Rub mint around the rim of a highball glass.  

2. Drop mint in glass, squeeze lime juice from 1/2 lime and pour into glass.  

3. Add 2 tsp sugar, a handful of raspberries and muddle with pestle.  

4. Add ice.  

5. Add 1 1/2 oz. rum and top with club soda.  Stir well and garnish with a lime wedge and sprig of mint.


Just try to stop at one!