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The Rule Book for a Fan-Favourite Taco Night

Double Layer Tacos SBS-071
When your family’s team is playing, you know that dinner needs to be fun and fuss-free too. The quicker you can get everyone fed, the faster they can get to cheering. Taco Night is a great way to get the whole family as excited about dinner as they are about the game, and it requires little work on your end.

Follow these five game rules for a taco spread that will earn you MVP title on Game Night:

1. Cover Your Bases: It’s the classic argument of hard vs. soft tortillas, and while we typically suggest offering both, why choose? Our Double Layer Tacos bring hard and soft tortillas together in one crowd-pleasing bite.

2. Pick Your Starting Line: Our Double Layer Tacos recipe uses classic ground beef, but this is your chance to give another player a star role. Try ground turkey, grilled fish or beans and tofu – the possibilities are endless!

3. Build Team Character: One of the best things about Taco Night is the mixture of flavours and textures in each bite – so get creative with your toppings. Mix up the cheeses and types of lettuce; offer black or pinto beans or corn for a change. Go outside the typical veggies box with avocado slices or pickled onions.

4. Bring the Heat: Taco Night would be nothing without that Mexican heat. We suggest putting out a variety of sauce options – sour cream and mild salsas are best for kids, but let teens or adults dabble with an assortment of flavoured salsas and hot sauces.

5. Play a Doubleheader: If you think tacos can’t be used for leftovers, think again. Make extras of everything, but remember to store the fillings and tortillas separately for an equally delicious taco lunch the following day.

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