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Banish "bored"

Activity ideas for snow days

It's winter, the entire clan is trapped inside, and if you hear "I'm bored" one more time, you may run out and bury your head in a snow bank. Banish those words, once and for all, with these ideas for indoor fun.

  • Have a board game tournament. Pick four or five board games and set a timer for each match, such as 20 minutes.
  • Honour the snow with a "white" party. Prepare white foods like party mashed potatoes, crunchy chicken nuggets, bread, and vanilla pudding. Top things off with a Snowman Cake. Cut out paper snowflakes for placemats and hang fairy lights around your home.
  • Create an indoor campsite. All you need is a tent and sleeping bags. Tell spooky stories, play games such as Truth or Dare, and nosh on fun snacks. Warm toasted marshmallow s'more bars are a must.
  • Let your kids bake something fun and delicious, like this Giant Cookie with Ice Cream.

Looking for a unique indoor activity? Help your kids create a family tree with this easy kit. Download now.