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It's DCIF - Don't Cook. It's Friday.

Five ways to have a laid-back family night

Seeing as it falls right after a busy week and just before the Saturday rush begins, Friday evening is probably the only time you can avoid running around like a chicken with your head cut off.

Below, find family fun ideas for Friday. The key? They all require minimal time in the kitchen.

1. Throw together an easy dinner that will keep your kids at the table longer and help you catch up. All-in-One Tacos are great for this, because your brood will take time building their own meals.

2. Who wants to cook a whole meal after the crazy week you’ve had? Instead, whip up a few finger foods. Try four cheese crescent quiche appetizers and taco salad.

3. Have an indoor picnic. Pull out paper plates and dine on sandwiches, chicken and fruit.

4. Cuddle under a blanket together and watch an old movie. Think the Day the Earth Stood Still or Singin’ in the Rain. If you’re going to need snacks, make ‘em delicious and healthy, like Cheerios snack mix.

5.Grab some sleeping bags and camp out in the living room for a while. Don’t forget the warm toasted marshmallow s'more bars.