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Indoor Beach Bash


  • Send a lei with a tag outlining all the party particulars, including the theme. Ask everyone to wear or bring summer clothes.


  • Move the furniture out of your family room, lay down some picnic blankets and gingham tablecloths, and bring in some lawn chairs.
  • If possible, add a sandbox. But not if you have expensive carpeting.
  • String patio lanterns across the room to create a summery mood.
  • Play music by Caribbean artists, such as Toots & The Maytals.

Food & drink:

Fun & games

  • Play non-beach volleyball using a balloon. Split into teams and bat the balloon back and forth; the object of the game is not to let it touch the ground.
  • Create your own version of Beach Blanket Bingo. Make cards, each with nine balmy weather-related words like "pool" and "park." Hand them out and call out your list of words one by one. The first person to fill their complete card wins.
  • Other options: lawn bowling, tug of war, and Hula Hoop competitions.

Download Beach blanket bingo cards.