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Don’t Let Halloween Scare You

It's the minute before Halloween and you have no costumes, no Jack-O-Lantern, no treats. Meanwhile your kids are bouncing-off-the-walls excited. Don’t lose your head. Instead, see below for ideas.

Snack attack

Spooky Ghost Cupcakes: It only takes 5 minutes to prep these cupcakes, which the kids can help decorate.

Crescent mummy dogs: Hot dogs wrapped in crescent "bandages" make yummy mummies that won't last a minute (let alone a thousand years).

Scary Spiderweb Cupcakes: They’re rich, chocolatey and fun. What more would you want?

Last- minute costumes

  • Dog walker: Collect your child's stuffed animals and create leashes by looping ribbons around their necks. Outfit your child with a "treat" pouch and a tennis ball.
  • The CEO: Let your son or daughter don some of mom or dad's old business clothes and carry a briefcase, as well as a cellphone.
  • Walking rainbow: Have your child wear a red baseball hat, orange face paint, a yellow T-shirt and so on.
  • Sticky bubblegum: Have your daughter or son wear all pink, then stick a running shoe to a hat on their head. It’s a piece of bubble gum stuck to someone's shoe.